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In Taberna Quando Sumus translation of lyrics

English translation of In Taberna Quando Sumus by Carl Orff
In the shop when we're
We don't care what is the ground
But to the game hurry
He always insudamus:
What is going on in the shop
Where the currency is the butler
This is the work of us to complain
If you loguor, heard
Some gamble, some drink
Some unwisely live
But in the game who stay
Of these some denudantur
Some of there clothes are
Some bags disguised
There no one fears death
But for Baccho send lots of
First for nummata wine
From this drink libertini,
Once people drink for the prisoners
After this drink thrice for the living
Four ro christians all
Five times for the faithful departed
Six times for sisters visionary
Seven times for soldiers silvanis
Eight for fatribus perversis
Nonies for the monks spread throughout the world
Million for sail
Undecies pro discordantibus
Twelve times the pro penitentibus
Tradecies for travelers
So for the pope and for the king
People drink all without the law
Drinks heavenly maid, drinks herus
Drinks the soldier, drinks the clergy
Drinks ill drinks she
Drinks the servant with the maid
Drinks quick drinks lazy
Drinks white drinks black
Drink constant drinks unpredictable
Drink raw, drink mage
Drinks poor and egrotus
Bit the exiled and the stranger
Drinks child drinks aging
Drinks director and dean
Drinks the sister, drinks the brother
Drinks older women, drinks mother
Drinks these drinks he
Drink a hundred drink, a thousand!
Little sexcente nummate
Harden, with immoderate
People drink all without the goal
Although the drink mind tarawa
So we've tried all nations
And we are so needy
We've tried to be disappointed
And with just not written down!

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