Celso Valli
Il mistero dell'amore translation of lyrics

English translation of Il mistero dell'amore by Celso Valli
I sing at night with the sound of the sea
I speak to the moon to understand the mystery of a love story
And I'll make you stronger on the summer nights.
I hear your words as small fires lit at the bottom of my heart
Inside my life a music plays
A new poem in memory of you
Cold winter does not take you away from my life
I wish nostalgia quannti mysteries this my love
Prisoner of time locked in memory
I never felt the endless scent of a rose in the morning
This voice that I have inside speaks only of us
Like a sweet torment this distant dream
He won't let me sleep anymore.
It's not a farewell song but a sweet music
An orchestra that I play only for you immense oceans will find heavenly bodies and lands of africa
A high sun will warm us madly
Endless flights over the cities at the horrizonte only US
A new world to be blinded in two quesos is the mystery of love
A world of searching in two that's the mystery
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