Celso Valli
Sempre o mai translation of lyrics

Also known as Accanto a te lyrics.

English translation of Sempre o mai by Celso Valli
If my woman isn't you
I don't smile anymore
Star lighting my evening
Why don't you shine again
Perhaps they have drawn a veil
Under the sky
You loved me anyway
That you can't forgive me
Where and, where and
Love I met
When the time also stops
Next to you
But why bid farewell
Can't end my love
Love and always or never you know
Blank pages my diary
And strong a desire
My dreams remain liars
And a sea of memories
And how sick I am
Without your words
How it burns inside me
Last meeting
Where and, where and
Love I felt
When the time also stops
Next to you
But I feel that tomorrow
I feel that our hands
They will face the wind together
You know why you'll come back
You know why I'll be there
And as in a dream I will have you
You know
When there is truth
Feeling leaves no chance
Love and always or never
He doesn't die when you want him.
That's why it won't end between us
You know love and always or never
You know you know
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