Celso Valli
Silver E Missie translation of lyrics

Also known as Entre olas lyrics.

English translation of Silver E Missie by Celso Valli
Already in the Big Blue
Two dolphins
Silver and Missie swim
Already in the Big Blue
Beyond the barrier
A huge bath
Already in the Big Blue
Between rides
Finally big jumps
Turquoise and cobalt
Look at the sun as it shines
And leave
Today have been released
For the rest of the New days
That will come
And leave
Already his dream is not a chimera
Innocent prisoners will never be
Already in the Big Blue
Among waves, blue
How many lives like this
Few networks even closed
That should be opened
Immense light, open sky
You can see a horizon
And be able to sound awake
Catch up someday
And leave
Like Two Lovers Do
Silver and Missie nothing
Them separated not
And the seas make their own
And together at last to other ends
Meet the sea and the other dolphins
Already in the Big Blue
Between rides
Finally freedom
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