Cesaria Evora
Serpentina translation of lyrics

English translation of Serpentina by Cesaria Evora
Moco na bai pa Teresinha
La ta cum fnhanga muito sabim
La has a mninin in a curt skirt
Ta is part of the coladera
In the ba, you enjoy the youth
In the view of beautiful sight
In the tma a matim
Pa can't inspire
Pa has no nerve
Qess criola
Dancing pertod
And you speak nuvide
Tma cuzod
Es and some Serpentine
Cabel frisod
Dess phytirinha
The moco no bai dstrai nos spirto
Muvi dze la ta sabim na dvera
Qess mninin ta show
No vanity, no kidding.
No ba enjoys now that you can
Tud ta caba quond no tmorre

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