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Ma vie sans toi translation of lyrics

Also known as Ma vie sans toi lyrics.

English translation of Ma vie sans toi by Charles Aznavour
My life without you
Is a life without certainty
Or I survive by habit
Rehashing memories
My life without you
Is made of dull days
Or all is vain and all is empty
Private Hope and future
My life without you is a journey without stop
From the mornings to the mornings
Or I die of melancholy, of melancholy
My life without you
Is made of hours or languish
In me all the misfortunes of the world
That ... my days and nights
My life without you
Whose fault is it?whose fault is it?
For whom regrets, remorse?
The truth and the Blues?
Without the slightest glimmer of hope
I don't know anything anymore.
The voices of happiness are silent
Deprived of you, far from your heart
Loneliness scares me
My life without you
Deprived of his reason for living
Search in vain for a path to follow
To defy the course of fate
My life without you
Na more sense and reason to be
Do I have to live or disappear
To end my torment?
My life without you
Tell me, tell me what should I do?
In the murky waters of misery
Or I get lost and I drown
When away from me
My life without you
Your skin, your voices are accomplices
And in other arms I betray
No matter what tomorrow will be
My life without you

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