Charles Trenet
La Famille Musicienne translation of lyrics

English translation of La Famille Musicienne by Charles Trenet
My father is a musician.
My brother's a musician.
My mother is a musician,
She plays the old harp.
My father plays the violin.
My brother from cymbalum
And you know it.,
I'm not playing anything.
I play to give faces
Clouds that run in the morning.
Sometimes lost in the bocage,
I play like the birds of love.
My uncle is a musician,
He plays the Prussian Horn.
My ... Adelaide
Knows ophicleide.
My young cousin Gaston
Tate of the biniou, the breton
And even with the right one
A little trombone.
You have to see them on Saturday night. what a beauty,
To gather for the pleasure of their ears.
On the right piano is sometimes monsieur L'abbe
Who also plays the ...
They attack everything from go
Madame Angot's daughter!
After a glass of beer
A little Meyerbeer.
"Poet and peasant"
Has many supporters,
But who wins anyway?
It's the Tosca!
So everyone's blaming me.
Not to understand the beauty
Dieses, crotches, ... crotches,
Sighing and black pointy.
Oh, my god, what a mess!
They call me a dreamer.
They add that at my age,
It is sad and a shame.
You're no good, boy.,
What to do with songs.
That's right, that's what I like.:es, verses!
I'm a musician
Who can't play anything,
But when my heart speaks,
He finds rhyming words.
I didn't, in truth.,
A good voice to sing,
Yeah, but I really do.
So, so the road is beautiful,
Then the sun shines.
Life for me is renewed
When a new air leads me.
My father who is a musician
Play my songs very well.
My mother who is a musician
Sing them in zip line.
Adelaide, Gaston
They know in all tones.
In my family in celebration,
I am a prophet!

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