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Oh, I want tea, I want tea, boiled tea.
Oops, not major I love, and political prisoner.
And he is not a former Secretary, he is not authorized,
And he was born with this: the Land of gimmicks.
He was just a Soviet rocker, the drums beat loudly,
But a bad thing happened, and the KGB took him away.
And the court lasted a short time - was awarded the Kolyma:
Punished, their songs to not sing it to anyone.
Oh, do you want some tea, already finished, tea boiled,
Oops, not major I love, and political prisoner.
Oh, Mama, a long road Yes, the Soviet prison,
This is something that is not of God is that shit.
Kiss would me cute in his clear eyes -
Oh, Commissar infection, you're finished.
It hurts me, it hurts me, it's sweet that he's not like everyone else.
Those who seek the truth are persecuted on the home side.
Want vodka, give vodka to pour his pain
Oh, it's not easy to love a prisoner.

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