Corvus Corax
Sigeleasne Sang translation of lyrics

English translation of Sigeleasne Sang by Corvus Corax
The partners of my
Under order misthleoum
Grendel gongan
Godes yrre br
Mynte a manscaa
Manna cynnes
Sumne besyrwan
In the sele of the
Neil t a aglaeca
Yldan from all
Acid for gefeng hrae
Forman s
... rinc
S & l unwearnum
Bat banlocan
Blog edrum dranc
Synsnaedum swealh
Sona hfde
F ond folma
Licsar gebad
Atol aeglaeca
Hi from the eaxle west
Syndolh sweotol
Seonowe onsprungon
Burston banlocan
Beowulfe west
Guhre gyfee
Scolde Grendel from the
Feorhseoc fleon
Under order fenhleou
Secean wynleas wic
Gryreleo hebrides
Godes andsacan
Sigeleasne in the band
Sar wanigean
Helle hfton
Heold hine fste
A in manna west
Mgene strengest
From the aem dge
Ysses lifes
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