Czeslaw Spiewa
Zaba Tonie W Betonie translation of lyrics

English translation of Zaba Tonie W Betonie by Czeslaw Spiewa
On the periphery of the city,
Asphalt where the grass grows,
Along the tracks, where band of horses I,
She was walking on fresh concrete.
And not at Cumana,
What kind of shit does she get mixed up in?,
And was intricate
In the center of the cold alleys.
The sun gave smoke.,
And krolevich came from a distance.
And smokng wanted Zabka in the foot,
But he didn't, because she was trapped.
And the only show was at the height of,
So he kissed her head without hindrance.
And instead of a Princess, not a frog, in concrete
With krolevich ankle is sinking.
But krolevich her a hug.
And they leaned back with the concrete.
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