Les Jardins De Marmara translation of lyrics

English translation of Les Jardins De Marmara by Dalida
Full sun in front of the sea
In the sweetness of the green trees
Far from here sing for me
The Garden of Marmara
I live in a country
Heavy with mists, rain colours
But I know that one day will come
Or jirai has Marmara
I don't see anything, I don't know what my dream is
This is my life, this is my child, this is my lilac
At the hottest green trees
You're watching the sea
You've always watched
My sun, oh my love
A morning away from the rain
Away from the mists and lennui
I'll come live with you.
In the gardens of Marmara
Jai the taste of the flowers and fountains
The weather can blow and the rain can fall
My heart beats and I dream and I love you
And I know that one day I will see
Your Marmara Gardens

Music video Les Jardins De Marmara – Dalida

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