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Elder Goose translation of lyrics

Also known as the weight can make you trip, but you wont fall down lyrics.

English translation of Elder Goose by Dance Gavin Dance
(unless fresh, fresh can of broc')
(i'll be leaning towards a centimeter short of much)
As the sun goes down baby Im in town
Hopin' to find someone to take it all
I know Im right when I say go away
You get around, oh. you get around, oh
You get around, oh, youre busy ... everyone
Busy ... everyone, Oh youre busy ... everyone
- Faint laughter -
Find myself at the end of a bottle
Laying in your bed hoping to find out where Im at
(the weight can make you trip, but you wont fall down.)
Its gone away, my song, so long
Feeling my heart race
Drenched in sweat
As I wonder
Im not scared, not prepared
Lay down flat on your back
Open up girl lets play a tad
Lets waste our time
(back on top, but my blocks mowed down)
(man Im fit)
(yeah my stomachs never touched the ground)
(but Im courteous)
(still keep it real with my nerdyness)
(14th's my birthday)
(her's is on the 30th)
(if you were dead I bet this shit would bloom)
(get a standing ovation from an empty room)
(... your ass)
(i dont want your cereal)
(you can get your wig split back)
(i'll be the same O.G.)

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