Danny Brown
Monopoly translation of lyrics

English translation of Monopoly by Danny Brown
Nigga thats bland fuck you and ya mans
Smack you like bitch nigga, thats openhand
Fuck you and yo tough talk
When I monopolize Im a throw yo ass off the boardwark
Fag dont play sports but he stay at the ball park
Type of nigga u see rocking Crocs at the fucking walmart
Drunk like Stallworth, riding in a fiend car
Get flicked guess what? Im running from this fiend car
I know a nigga dirty and got a hammer
But Kush got me high like Pacs bandanna
Im a smart nigga that do dumb shit
In ya babymomma crib not flushing after I piss
Im Ferris Bueller with Frank Muellers
You blank shooters on stank hooters
Im in aruba sippin wine coolers
Mind ruler flow sort of like hypnotism
Thats why all these white bitches wanna get with em
I smack me up flip em like Mik Bivens
And to me your flows like Ronny Devoes
My hoes got pretty toes in expensive high heels
And your hoes toes is fucked in beauty supply sandals
Im a vandal handling any situation
I smoke blunts to the face to stay motivated
Irratated when Im not sedated
I fuck her face like I was obligated
And still fucking with them freak hoes
Stank pussy smelling like Cooler Ranch Doritoes

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