Das Ich
Dein Leben translation of lyrics

Also known as Dein Leben ist dein Leben ist dein Sieg lyrics.

English translation of Dein Leben by Das Ich
A gentleman in folds feels the globe smoking under turning
If meat is caught from Motherlein's chocolate, it is reflected in the Earth's Versteck
In his heart, emotions disintegrated, he felt that he was being spoiled
During his life he is followed by pain, he is now sitting in lethargy
Your life is your life is your victory
Keep track of what you can prove
Your life is your life is your death
Keep out until you recognize yourself
In his hand holy promise he broke with Lugen
Driven by suffering on mountains crawling down on cold rock face
Free in case he listens to the choruses that the Wind repeats endlessly
Be sure your fate is foreign to you, little brother Man Wants Your throne
Your life is your life is your victory.
He followed the quiet path to the stars blackest folly in mind
The bald Moon begs him to die, wherever soul you want to go
I am looking for the wise to show him down the earth they are ...
The moon stost amazed him, laughing, to the burning earth back
Your life is your life is your victory.
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