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Snoopies translation of lyrics

Also known as Hey now, can you picture yourself lyrics.

English translation of Snoopies by De La Soul
Tags slap hands, Im about to man out
Cant teach a how to stand to still
See yall tomorrow for the man to man
Now that was all so long ago
See the babies, they are running wild
If you get too close, they run away
So tonight we better stay inside
So whenever things dont go my way
I simply put my snoopies on
Ill share them with you, I dont mind
Let me be your microphone
Hey now, can you picture yourself
Hey now, in the physical sense
Hey now, a subcutaneous thing
Hey now, like a mama and papa
Will I ever get tired of this
Will I ever get turned around
Will I ever get old of you
Give me a break now, the clutch went out
Will I ever go back again
Will I ever get used to me
Will I ever be smart enough
How do I know if Im totally clean?
Its the elastic youth, coming to size up your plastic troop
Keep a pot of caution, boil it in the hot
I wonder why, so why not
Move like a used car and you get used up wherever you are
So they say me and my crew get it new all day
Couple of shots of calamity

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