Die Antwoord
Beat Boy translation of lyrics

Also known as Look in the mirror, you can see its you lyrics.

English translation of Beat Boy by Die Antwoord
You can changed the rules of the game and devour their souls
Nows the time girl
Lets head back into the outside world
The world of others, its time to go back
The door is stuck shut but the walls are beginning to crack
Uh! Now the walls are bleeding
Its all deceiving, you soaking wet
With no regrets, feel your body sweat blood
Peel off your old skin, time to get love
You arrive at the cemetery in time for the ceremony
I give you a hot kiss, grab hold of your ass cheeks
Howd you like to get laid on this
Tombstone in the middle of the rain forest
My gaze puts you in a daze, Im loving your long tongue
Look at your beautiful face, covered in hot come
Spread my wings block out the sun
Lie on my back, scope out your bum
My penis stays hard, you breathing heavily
I penetrate you, the feelings heavenly
Now bounce girl, you know its hot
Bounce, bounce girl, like oh my god!
Totally freaky deaky funky
Wae make you leave your body
Transport you to another dimension
You alone in the desert, totally nude
The silence is violent
You floating above the ground
Invisible energies penetrate
Every hole in your body while you levitate
You start coming apart, shape-shifting
Wild, out of control
Ghan odn ar
Dbir vahniss
Dgug rgyud
Hgyur bzan
Bhren sseh
Ehrsta sugam

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