Die Antwoord
Dazed & Confused translation of lyrics

Also known as Im on a mission, but Im missin' my little girlfriend lyrics.

English translation of Dazed & Confused by Die Antwoord
Im in the ... zone, yo, Ive been working hard all day
Taking it to the next, yo, I been stepping up my game
Mass murderer, Ninja, he dont play
Got no time for a fuckboy, yo, Ill put him in his grave
We bring it hard, we make it rough
Soon Im gonna take a break and go visit my baby love
Lets take a break, lets get away
... it, I think Ninja deserves a little holiday
You, me, jump on a plane
I know where we should go, yo, its gonna be insane
Yo, ask your friends if they wanna go
Tell them I got it covered, I be making ... dough
Shrooms, bums, fun in the sun
Chillin' like a villain deep in the Caribbean
Sippin' champagne, smoking mad weed
All day, everyday
I miss you, baby love, Ima see you soon
... it, Ive been so busy, spinning 'round in a whirlwind
Cant you just come here? I just wanna be with you
Im on a mission, but Im missin' my little girlfriend
Just keep doing what you doing, baby, kill them all
Soon, Ill be illin', chillin' like a villain, feeling all
Dazed and confused

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