Die Antwoord
Fok Julie Naaiers translation of lyrics

Also known as ... crime these days, rhyme f0kken pays lyrics.

English translation of Fok Julie Naaiers by Die Antwoord
What? you try to speak but your tongues frozen
In South Africa i sleep with both my eyes open
F0k julle naaiers, f0k julle naaiers
F0k julle, f0k julle, f0k julle naaiers
Motherfuckers tell me to slow my role
But sorry, no can do, my style is so brand new
I try to make you understand it
Im here to steal the f0kken show
Cause baby, im a bandit
Now youre standing looking at me
Like the aliens have landed
"All hail the great white ninja!"
Every poes with a phone wants to take my picture
'ninja? jas i dig that oke!'
'is it real? no, its just a big black joke!"
When dealing with an idiot theres really nothing you can say
Next time you ask me is it real
Im gonna punch you in the face
To help you feel me, bitch i get paid to be funky
Be nice or im gonna change to be ugly
Im zef like a young Hugh Hef, oh yes
May my enemies live long so they can see me progress
Put the pedal to the metal
And im scorching my tires
Middle finger in the air
Yeah, F0k Julle Naaiers!

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