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She Makes Me A Killer translation of lyrics

Also known as You cant trust that funny look in her eye lyrics.

English translation of She Makes Me A Killer by Die Antwoord
Why do chicks always have to be so ... complicated?
Like this one chick, lazaan, was ... into me!
Plus she was a virgin!
So this one time me and lazaan was smoking a zol
There by dj hi-tek's crib
When she says to me, "can't we be alone?"
So I took her to hi-tek's room
About to close the door, and drop the bomb
I said, "I got the bong", she said, "I got the herb!"
I told dj hi-tek, "do not disturb!"
Then bada-bada-bing! bada-bada-bomb!
I put the flame on the ... bong!
Like (bubble bubble!) now the heat is on!
Lazaan told me she wanted me to be the one
I started slow and sexy, yo Ima getting some
Punani-nani! punani-num-num!
Like bada-bada-bam! bada-bada-boom!
When hi-tek walks in the ... room!
Like, ... blind (stupid)
There I was giving it to her from behind
I said, "what's the matter bro?"
"Dj hi-tek you wanna have a go?"
Lazaan starts having this moerse (massive) ... freak out!
There I am standing like a doos (idiot) with my dick out!

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