Die Antwoord
Super Evil translation of lyrics

English translation of Super Evil by Die Antwoord
We are ... crazy, let's slaughter a cow
Hang him upside down, now he's going to nice bloom
Okay little man, time for your lesson
Yo jissis wife, where's the ... knife?
(here so! )
Fokkit, yes yes yes
Eugene Terror with the 666
My nut my wife flow is raw
Reimpies, kicking and donner
(hurry up daddy, we're ... hungry)
Keep your mouth shut your little frek, where is your respect?
Remove your finger from your ass, where's my ...?
Jissis - small Frikkie, nose full of snot
(god, please - throw away that rotten rat)
Hierso's a spliff Daddy, this good kicking
Watch the full moon!
This shit is going on, everyone!
(eugene Terror! ) It's my ... name
Put your hands together, let us pray together
Super Evil, I am your enemy!
Super Evil, I am your enemy!
I, I, I, I.
Small hooded, kaftan, vat's to the passage?
Spliff in my hand, kid on the side
Big marijuana leaf on my forehead, yo!
(I keep vannie red, green, and soon the sleeve)
We are ... raw, we are ... now
We are ... here, where's the ... beer?
Come on now son, eat that bone
(no thanks dad, I'm a vegetarien)
You're a ... cunt, watch your ... shirt
Who stood there, Anc?
Are you typed in your head? We are the Awb
Boerewors, shambok, show with the meat
Rotgif in my spliff, kaftan white
If we satan is going to worship
(cough, cough)
(raah, glimpse the sake bulletjie)
(mom, I voellie licks not)
(here, take a tablet to take)
Antibiotics are nice
It makes me feel better
Aaaah, now I feel nice!
Take a sip of my black alien juice
I take a ... sip, then I transform
We shake on the dance floor, get your arse warm
The Best (vetse)
Moederfokken Zef Style
South African rap-rave master
Ninja's on attack, uh
(check out our funny rapper)
... alien as Wikus van der Merwe
(no ... shy)
Baby, I'm on
The microphone with a black alien arm
... up your brain like a ill head bump
(...! )
Like my ... name was Neill Blomkamp
Ninja, A. K. A. Killer Prawn
Yo-landi Visser, A. K. A. I think You're freaky
You know who you are
Your mom's ... in a vispaste jar
When now father, do not so to times not going
What must the people think of us?
Man, they can think what they want
I give okkie first to not

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