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Wat Pomp? translation of lyrics

Also known as Wat pomp julle lyrics.

English translation of Wat Pomp? by Die Antwoord
Wat jou vir n poes want jy klink soos n poes
Jy rap soos n poes en jy sing soos n poes
Vars want jy stink soos n poes
Alright let me speak yo, all up in this freak show
Ok, check out my skill, think ...' cleanly
Like my name was Nigel
... vir my flippen tune nie, ek gaan vir my ma se
K, toemaar los dit, if it doesnt fit, force it, thats my motto
I rap like a sore thumb, whats up with you brother
I fit right in, like my cock in your mother
So dont tell me Ive got no fire
Im running on the spot and Im so tired
Hair getting blown back by my blow dryer
Jou Naaier, jou naaier
Wat pomp julle?

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