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Stay The Course translation of lyrics

Also known as Never stop, never rest lyrics.

English translation of Stay The Course by DJ Shadow
Let it drop for never taking the loss
From the start to the finish, my heart will never diminish
When I sing its such a bless
Bring on different dimensions
You see that shit?
You say youre making a movie, but Ive seen that flick
Kiss the. I really complete the photo
Electric fire, electric lighter like
Living la vida loca, my life is sort of like a tornado that
I dont mean to play it, what I mean to my philosophy,
Keep it real steady
Be the one, be the man,
Be forever, the style
Never stop, never rest
Always know, never guess
Navigate to the North East side, the west
Just stay the course, you gotta stay the course!
Keep the eye on your pride
And your thorns
And your head in the sky
And just stay the course!

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