Дом Кукол
В Париже плюс шесть translation of lyrics

English translation of В Париже плюс шесть by Дом Кукол
Not coincidentally quiet angel
He came down on the roof.
Not by chance the wind drunk
He beat at the window with a ragged paw.
Worse no dogs on the trail
With multicolored eyes.
Is this really happening,
Is it a delusion?
PR: Just now
In Paris " plus six",
Forty-five degrees
Warmer than here.
Freeze men
On the sick tram Windows.
And the lookout sees
Faces of the devil in patterns.
No more excuses,
No hope, no answer.
Astronauts in orbit
They smoke dope and believe in summer.
Blood turned to needles.
Another sigh and it would be too late.
You said, "Quiet angel
Knows a secret path through the stars".
And like a spell,
Whispered another:
"Just had the wind lost,
Only used the snow us not found"

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