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Light Me on Fire translation of lyrics

Also known as Let your body drift to the sky lyrics.

English translation of Light Me on Fire by Dub Fx
Now we coming up with ideas
Want a break from the violence
Another faith, define us
How many days till were done with the virus?
In the one heart beat
Never fear in the mind does creep
I move in peace cos the by-lines, and the star-signs
All point to the same belief
Hear another fable
I got the cards on the table
Hear we are with the faithful
With the brave and the grateful
Final stand
Make it real what we pray for
In the one heart beat, better mind, but Im not gonna fear for the pain
Never constrain cos thousands of us with fire in our heart be clear in an aim
But how many hear this, what about the fearless men and women of this race
Coming up and tear this sentimental bullshit down in a violent way
In the one heart beat in the big mind, to the bass line and lions roar
Once Im freed from the dark side, I face time and a shining dawn
Sound of the tenements, back to the rudiments, back like a fallen lord
Come for the benefit, Xander and Dub Fx rhyming to cure this world
Light me on fire
You can kill me in my sleep
You can call me a liar
And you can bury me deep
With your weapons of desire
And your herds of sheep
But what will never expire
Is a conscious freedom running deep
In my own heart beat
In my own heart beat
When the music moves my feet
I got no sleep
It flies by my eyes cry rainbows down my cheek
A little bit of loving got a trip got a dozen
Lock a lip on a pardon can I get a grip cozen
We better flip now all of a sudden x2

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