Bernal Heights translation of lyrics

Also known as Call me that radio killer, killer lyrics.

English translation of Bernal Heights by Duckwrth
Cause Ive been plottin' on you (since when?)
Since 1999
Lets sing a song together
(sing a song, sing a song, sing a song)
Watch this ... flip this script upside
Down like a cigarette head on the ash tray
Flicking it, flicking through these channels as I see
False reality, Tv, ... twitch, slap her
Knock a pimp straight down in his pimp cup
Thats the way you get stomped out in these black chucks
Walk around like Im really strapped with the Gat tucked
Told these ninjas since duck tape I done had enough
"Mummifieded" face with the duck tape Slightly King tut
Keepin' Nefertiti slim waist with the round butt
Rah un nefer amen
Really metu neter from five till ten
Etching with the flow watch this gold coin spin
Universal with the flow no beginning or end
Tap into this universe and watch your orbit spin
These ... aint relating let me speak it more clean
If energy is never destroyed or created
It never shall expire just recycle and remake it
It dont matter if that bodies been buried or cremated

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