Караганда translation of lyrics

Also known as Все с вопросом пристают lyrics.

English translation of Караганда by Дюна
You can't wipe the map with your finger
And eventually you will find
There is a corner
It doesn't look like anything.
There's Mare on koshma drink
Song with kobyz sing,
But no one believes me
All with a question stick
Where's that? And I again in the answer I'd say
In Karaganda, and if you want to show
Where? Where? Where? Where? in Karaganda,
Where's that? Not know where.
There is not a thick-grown forest
Not mermaids, not without
If there is such a steppe
From heaven to heaven.
Ember get there
On the mountain it is given,
But no one believes me
All with a question stick
Not in Paris and not in Kathmandu
I'm not stealing a ticket,
And you can steal the ticket
To get to Karaganda.
Remember you complained
That we're not cool,
There you will be Jean
Well, I do the Bulldozer.

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