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Бери шинель translation of lyrics

Also known as Бери шинель, пошли домой lyrics.

English translation of Бери шинель by Эдуард Хиль
And we with you, brother, from infantry,
And summer is better than winter.
With the war finished we abacus, -
Take your greatcoat, let's go home!
The war we bent and mowing,
It was the end of her.
Four years mother is without son, -
Take your greatcoat, let's go home!
To the ashes and ashes of our streets
Again, again, comrade,
Starlings missing returned, -
Take his coat. let's go home!
And you with closed eyes
Sleeping under a plywood star.
Get up, get up, fellow soldier, -
Take your greatcoat, let's go home!
What will I tell your family,
How shall I stand before the widow?
Is it possible to curse the day yesterday?
Take his coat. sewed home!
We're all crazy kids.,
Both General and private
Again spring on white light of, -
Take your greatcoat, let's go home!

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