Эдуард Хиль
Чукотка translation of lyrics

English translation of Чукотка by Эдуард Хиль
Swinging night as Smolina boat,
Barbed stars keeping on weight.
Chukotka! It's you - Chukotka! 2 times
Is that you waving a scarf of snow at the bottom.
Over the Arctic circle spinning propellers,
Under the wing sail, calmer than a century,
Very slow, white framework,
Whether ice, or clouds?
The noise of the engine will not frighten the deer here,
Cap, down jacket will not fall off the Bush.
From Moscow to hand to Cape Dezhnev,
If these roads are places.
Nothing, that in the sky month frozen,
Pours a dim light over the blue tundra.
Hey, North, you're probably fascinated:
I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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