Эдуард Хиль
Когда звенят колокола translation of lyrics

Also known as Когда звонят колокола lyrics.

English translation of Когда звенят колокола by Эдуард Хиль
Ah, the bell under the arc,
You're really tiny.,
But somewhere hidden in you
Large bells of sadness,
And the ringing of the soul of man
You have expressed all ages
From bell to bell, Rus.
When the bells ring,
The dew is especially light
And the cornflowers rise a little,
As eyes the blue meadows.
Blesses this peal
The fallen heroes eternal sleep,
Blesses children's laughter
And someone's first love.
When the bells ring,
They call not mindful of evil.
But, every bell inside,
He is hidden, but he has not forgotten,
That they were rebels
That they were flogged by kings
And pulling out tongues,
The guards took them to Siberia.
When the bells ring,
That wakes up ash
The enemy of burned villages
In that damned war,
And each bell is hidden
The alarm, which is a deep sleeper,
And in every Russian hidden alarm,
And in every Russian hidden alarm,
Let somewhere in the depths.
When the bells ring,
To them the distance is boundless small,
And birds fly copper
And on fields and on forests,
And you, humbling to the heart shiver,
You close your eyes and swim
For suspenison heaven,
Well, you don't know where.
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