Эдуард Хиль
Мы армия народа translation of lyrics

English translation of Мы армия народа by Эдуард Хиль
We stand at the post, by companies and platoons
Immortal as fire. Calm as granite.
We are the army of the country. We are the army of the people.
The great feat of our history stores.
Not in vain in the fate of the red banner.
No wonder the country hopes for us.
Sacred words " Moscow for us!"
We remember from the time of Borodin.
The fathers gave us an all-powerful weapon.
We have sworn an oath to our Homeland.
And in life we are given the only service:
From death to protect the future of the Earth..
Do not frighten us, to boast arrogant,
Do not threaten us and play with fire again.
After all, if the enemy dares to test our strength,
He won't be able to check anything else..

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