Эдуард Хиль
Песенка военных корреспондентов translation of lyrics

English translation of Песенка военных корреспондентов by Эдуард Хиль
Song of war correspondents
Music: M. Blanter Words: K. Simonov
From Moscow to Brest
No such place,
Wherever we roam in the dust.
With a watering can and a notebook,
Or even with a machine gun
Through fire and cold we passed. (1)
Without a drink, comrade,
You can't make a song,
So let's have a little drink.
Let's drink to the writers,
Let's drink to the shooters,
Let's drink to those who walked under fire!
Drinks us there is reason - (2)
For military wire,
For U-2, for emku, for success.
Hotel Chagall,
As a shoulder pushed,
As we kept up before all.
From winds and cold
Sing we have become worse (3)
But we will tell those who reproach:
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