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Враги сожгли родную хату translation of lyrics

English translation of Враги сожгли родную хату by Эдуард Хиль
Enemies burned native hut
Enemies burned native hut,
Killed his whole family.
Where can a soldier go now,
Who bear their grief?
He went in deep grief
At the crossroads of two roads,
Found soldiers in a wide field
A grassy knoll.
Is a soldier - and like lumps
Stuck in his throat.
Said the soldier: "Meet, Praskovya,
Hero-husband his.
Prepare a treat for the guest,
Lay a wide table in the hut, -
Its day, its celebration return
I came to celebrate"
No one answered the soldier,
No one met him,
And only a warm summer wind
Rocking the grave grass.
Sighed the soldier, the belt is corrected,
Opened bag Hiking your,
A bottle of bitter put
On a gray stone coffin.
"Don't judge me, Praskovya,
That I came to you such:
I wanted to drink to your health,
You should drink to your rest.
Will converge again friends, girlfriends,
But not together forever we"
And the soldiers drank from copper mugs
Wine with sadness in half.
He drank-a soldier, a servant of the people,
And with a heavy heart said:
"I walked to you for four years,
I conquered three powers"
Drunken soldier, a tear rolled,
A tear of unfulfilled hopes,
And on his chest shone
Medal for the city of Budapest.

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