Эдуард Хиль
Журавлёнок translation of lyrics

English translation of Журавлёнок by Эдуард Хиль
Took the heat from the fields and a flock of cranes
Leads the leader in the overseas region of green.
Flying wedge sad and happy only one,
One of them is a little crane.
He breaks a leader,
But he says the leader sternly,
Even though the earth is warmer, and the birthplace of a mile,
Mile remember, zhuravlenok, is the word.
And the birthplace of a mile, a mile
Remember that word, crane.
Remember the noise of the birches and that steep slope,
Where your mother saw you flying.
Remember forever, or never,
Buddy, you're not gonna be a real crane.
Buddy, you're not gonna be a real crane.
We have lying snow we have Blizzard buzzing
And votes do not hear the bird.
And somewhere far away cranes are crowing,
They are about the Home snowy cry.
Cry of the cranes,
They were about the Homeland of his snowy cry.

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