Ich Hor Wie Du Schreist translation of lyrics

Also known as Sei ganz hart zu mir lyrics.

English translation of Ich Hor Wie Du Schreist by Eisenherz
I hor how you cry
My blood is frozen
Come look in my face
It's the cold that breaks me
Despair, hatred cold rage
For new ways lack the courage
Put your boots on my Hand
What I'm missing you
Put your thighs on my head
Everything, everything is allowed
Be very hard on me
I'm yours
Be very hard on me
I'm yours
I hor how you cry
Your eyes let my blood freeze'n
I'll lose you
My blood is frozen
Soon it will be soon
And you're past
Humiliate me in your way
The whip blows on me quite delicate
The shackles cut into my flesh
I'm getting cold I'm getting hot
Chest tied into a corset
To the high point the Lust rises
It was a dream for me
Be sure I find you
Be hard on me.
I heard you scream.
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