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English translation of I'm Back by Eminem
With my windows tinted, with nine limos rented
Doin lines of coke in 'em, with a bunch of guys hoppin out
All high and indo scented
And thats where I get my name from, thats why they call me I take seven from, stand 'em all in line
Add an Ak-47, a revolver, a nine
A Mack-11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And thats a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time
Cause (i'mmmm) Shady, they call me as crazy
As the world was over this whole Y2k thing
And by the way, Nsync, why do they sing?
Am I the only one who realizes they stink?
Should I dye my hair pink and care what yall think?
Lip sync and buy a bigger size of earrings?
Its why I tend to block out when I hear things
Cause all these fans screamin is makin my ears ring (ahhhh!)
So I just, throw up a middle finger and let it linger
Longer than the rumor that I was stickin it to Christina
Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz
Itd be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy you know this!

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