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English translation of Вертолёты by Евгений Гришковец
They overtake everywhere, it is impossible to hide from them.
You can't hide from them on the Islands,
Not on the most secure private property.
There is no escape from them, there is no escape.
For example, you decided not to drink today,
Because she's waiting. She's waiting for you
But the Banquet, really you managed to escape from the Banquet,
But you managed to drink some champagne
And quite a lot of cognac.
Good cognac, but a lot
But you think I'm still strong
You rush into a taxi because she's waiting,
You close your eyes, and as soon as you close your eyes,
Your taxi is being overtaken by a squadron of helicopters,
And these helicopters are spinning the city and the taxi and you,
And you realize, that today you already no one
And nowhere to wait
The helicopters will find you. you don't stand a chance.
Even on a good spring day you leave the house,
To walk with friends, and you walk,
And the lilacs, and the smells and the heat,
And you drink beer everywhere, with friends,
Then you have lunch somewhere and drink vodka,
And then again, walk again and drink beer,
And then you meet her, walk with her.
And you drink what she drinks,
I mean, something so sweet and sticky.
And closer to midnight you bring her to her house,
The last motion taken from her shoulders his coat,
And you go home humming.
You sit on a bench to smoke,
But as soon as you leaned back on the bench
He blew smoke from his mouth, closing his eyes,
Then from the bushes of lilac fly helicopters,
They sells their screws lilac flowers,
And your bench is starting to spin.
From earth counter-clockwise
Or you've been drinking, someone was ..., and drank again,
Again he drank and argued,
And then you come home, alone, go home.,
And the house is so nice, so fresh, summer,
The curtain near the balcony door sways,
And you think it's a good thing I didn't bring anyone with me.,
You think you're gonna take a shower tomorrow, you get to bed.,
You drop your clothes on the floor, you throw Yourself into a fresh bed,
And only the back of your head touches the cool pillow,
As here in the balcony door and the window fly helicopters,
You open your eyes, they disappear,
But it's not getting any better,
You can't keep your eyes open for long.,
They close again, and the helicopters carry out a retaliatory attack,
And you realize that in the morning you will suffer,
And loneliness in this suffering

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