Евгений Маргулис
Рок-н-ролл translation of lyrics

Also known as Твой ушедший рок-н-ролл lyrics.

English translation of Рок-н-ролл by Евгений Маргулис
Scattered us around the world,
Some are alive and some are not
Aged our children,
Seven ...-one answer
Evil is drowned in a glass
The flag to surrender is given
I play the accordion
On the sagging couch
For their drunken ladies
Pours song by vast,
And the earth is very small
He looks at me reproachfully
Beatles disc from under the table
Clouds crawling on the wall,
Rain defiles dark floor
I play on my knee
Repainted brown-haired women
Outgoing rock ' n ' roll
Where you, years young?
Who are you walking with now?
We appointed the Holy,
Even now-in the iconostasis
Pours song sad
In the heart of driving the stake
In the head of your desperate
Forever silent sassy
Your departed rock ' n ' roll
Your departed rock ' n ' roll
Your departed rock ' n ' roll

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