Евгений Маргулис
Спой со мной translation of lyrics

Also known as Спой со мной, пока хватает сил lyrics.

English translation of Спой со мной by Евгений Маргулис
Sing with me about the sky, the boat, the sea.
Sing about home, road and longing.
Sing with me about happiness or sorrow
Sing about how you walk through the sand.
Sing, how do you not understand that just.
Sing about the fact that everything goes wrong.
Sing with me about land or island.
Sing about who your friend or enemy is.
Sing with me about dreams, habits, numbers,
Sing about how boring mornings are.
Sing like you said, " Sorry, it didn't work out",
Like you said, " goodbye, it's better for us."
Sing with me about everything,
Sing with me about yourself,
Want to sing about your
Sing with me about life, about death, about God,
Sing with me about everyone you love.
Sing with me, there are few of us left,
Sing with me while you can,
Sing with me while you can,
Sing with me while you can

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