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English translation of #жить by Евгений Маргулис
How can you take a life?
How do you turn off the lights?
How can you take away a mother
A child who is five
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Man knows not given,
How long will he live?
But to choose one:
As him with this time be to live!
Live, live, live,
Live, live, live,
Live, live, live!
Live, live, live!
How to learn to live in the world?
To be able to love, to be able to forgive,
And until the end of themselves give,
To the end of ourselves to give!
Live, live, live,
How to learn to just live,
With people family to be near,
Together to dream together love -
And every moment of his treasure.
How can you forgive an enemy,
How not to cross the line?
As the tears hold back in the chest,
See the dawn ahead,
Hope and believe?
Last day is gone,
In this future life the crux of the:
Transfer, save, forgive -
Our children still live here.
Live, live, live,
Live, live, live
Live, live, live!
Live, live, live!
Both of us with happiness in the sky circling.
And again will rise dawn,
Behind it will embrace the Earth,
Behind it will embrace the Earth!
Live, live, live,
How can we learn to live in peace?
In the arms of dawn -
Just love, just dream,
Heart the world to warm.
I remember myself at 18 -
Music, sports, the desire to change.
Then in my success no one believed,
But I managed to get up.
I remember all I kept screaming, "choke!"
Study, work unbearable.
Only son, only chance:
Diploma of Moscow state University is my incentive.
My story is different:
Dropped off course not approved at home.
Then I told one of my friends,
That the richest in the country from the orphanage.
I heard the diagnosis, I was there at the hospital,
Looked them in the eye, looked them right in the face. :
Discouragement zero, the desire to live,
Not a couple of years, at least thirty.
At least thirty? At least a hundred.
No IFS, no buts.
Depression anchor pulls on the bottom
It's time to change everything, everything is decided.
I made myself worse than you.
You can say, well, what are you worse?
Grab the chance with your hands,
Change your life with us.
To live, to live, to live (us with you).
How to learn to just live?
No fighting, no killing.
A person just become
A person just become.
Just live!

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