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English translation of Утренняя by F.P.G.
When the asphalt cooled after night, licking the light
Not yet fully managed to tear the eyes of the luminary,
Someone is doing exercise, someone is doing an Internet,
Someone with Badun knocks himself on the teeth of a battle with the beer.
Someone sniffing the "moment" someone's coming to take the bottle,
Someone "psychobilly" puts, to drive mad neighbours,
I had a nice smile, realizing how all the hate
To see my idiotic grins of satisfaction.
Staggering down the street, meander among the crowd,
I have not been surprised to hear behind: Sick!
Abnormal, Informal, Ill-Mannered, Unfashionable
Nauy useless, and it is free!
I've been scoring what I don't understand.
Yeah, I used to lie on everything without taking it out of my pants.
There's no point in apologizing for who I am!
That's not like all the extra reason to smile!
I see those I knew-their lives have changed.
I'm the only one, like an idiot, at war with myself -
And in this battle very often win,
But the same I am early in the day, standing over oevau:
Wealth-no, but it's cash.
But there are drawbacks and disadvantages of DOA -
And it's forever, but the funny:
That the biggest flaw of them all is me!
When the asphalt, drenched by day, will embrace the lyuhoy-night
Covered in glitter stars, and will cool it by itself -
Someone will sleep drunk, and someone will be angry as a dog,
And someone will be Horny to touch someone's daughter
And I shout, here, to each his own:
Someone to rot, whom bloom, someone in heaven to cock,
Someone to live-not field to move.
Someone to live-only reason smile.

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