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English translation of Вова Вова by Фабрика
When the girls we sit at work in the morning
And print plans for coal mining
Suddenly open all the Windows and all the doors at once
And filled all the suns bright light
Vova (our boss), loved Dylan.
Vova, (handsome), our favorite boss.
Vova (head), love Vova.
Vova (he's the only one)
He scolds each of us severely
And it's all wrong and it's all bad
Reports, letters, plans-full OPA,
But still we love you
Vova-Vova, Vova-Vova, Vova-Vova,
Vova, Vova, Vova, Vova.
The Second Factory,
And in a break we with girls in gym,
In the distillation run-run - tired.
Sat down, watching someone pulls a ton from the breast,
So it's Vova Vova, look!
Oh girls I can not, I vlubilas - want.
Coffee? Not! I on BP, and on the body
Vova! Vova Vova! Vova!
Vova Vova! Vova! Vova Vova! Vova!
The Third Factory,
And tomorrow we will see him at the corporate party,
I'll go up to him with a Martini,
... the theme in his apartment (the class).
Late girls, tomorrow with Vova we go to the registry office.
Vova! Vova Vova! Vova!
Vova Vova! Vova Vova! Vova!
Vova Vova! Vova Vova! Vova!
Vova Vova! Vova! Vova!

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