Alles im Liegen translation of lyrics

Also known as Nur Dein Herz besiegn lyrics.

English translation of Alles im Liegen by Falco
The monarchy
The empress she shows her knee like never
The candle light, mirror extension education
Out of the Crown, The Crown does not bear them -
The lows in the High, in the vast'n
Everything from Old Vienna to New berlin
- Grosberlin
Read ' your Hand
Your heart siegn
The positions remain strictly suspended
Everything In The Lie
With Pulse in the abdomen at the inner-Blues hard on it -
The master of ceremonies clears up for You -
Your Hands -
Measure then the man
Under The Bandages -
The Low-light psycho program -
The diagnosis then -
Suburban Partisan.
But when?
Will your Hand
Just beat your heart?
And what it has to offer
When Will you be forgiven?
Lived by Life, gave it all already
From life, what is bliebm?
Everything in lying-left over
Your hands, measure the man
Will your Hand
Only your heart is defeated

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