Fausto Papetti
Yesterday translation of lyrics

Also known as Nel parcheggio dei vetri di pagine lyrics.

English translation of Yesterday by Fausto Papetti
In the parking lot of pages glazing
We're already offside.
What are you doing with me again?
You could get hurt.
The role of Mantis
Does not suit your face
Don't let me down
Showing who you are not
You've been looking for more than me
To change me your way
Until you thought it was another me.
What you loved and now
With the same greed
Selfish indifferent you
Claim this story exclusively
Still alive in you
(and come down)
Your mouth is hotter than usual.
A moist fire of Eternity
And the patience to push you into me
Even at the cost of dying
Unstoppable source
Of the most innocent
That widens my freedom
And the moon penetrates
From your heaven into mine
In the dance of your breasts on my face
And kneeling again
Another time you chose
Irreversible masochist
You settle for a replica
Of me of me of me
(come on stop let's go away)
Maybe I'll give you
A truce for your pain
But do not love that you you
Do not look for Shields of resentment
To save this now-over story
Don't live for me
I don't love you piuno!
In the parking lot of pages glazing
We're already offside.

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