Der Geizhals translation of lyrics

English translation of Der Geizhals by Feuerschwanz
Yes, you have your hay
The sheep are dry
But you can't be happy
And don't let yourself be tempted
No Met, no beer, no liquor, no wine
Comes to you in the basement
You'd rather be hungry
Than pay a cent
Also all the chests are full
Do you want to have more
Got the Sack full of Gold and money
And horst does not save on
Yes, you could be happy
And completely blown
But unfortunately you have now the misfortune
Firmly taken
Because you don't get your neck full
With thalers and ducats
That's why you, dear friend
Soon fry in the Holle
You're already in fear and gray
The prices fell suddenly
Fear Man and mouse
And thieves are quite shocking
Look, even your own wife
That's what you want
And your cyanide strike you
Bitter on the stomach
Soon your money will be stolen
From your soft pillow
And marriage dus have seen
Did they shit you already
Your children are lurking
Her legacy
Yes, your end is approaching
So begin to pray
And down in the Hades rich
Do you stand with your peers
Because there gather for ever-
All the rich
There is the joy of giant Gros
You don't need to freeze
There you are rid of your worries
And may deep-fry ind Gold

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