Es war einmal. (teil 2) translation of lyrics

English translation of Es war einmal. (teil 2) by Feuerschwanz
New to the gang was Ronja, a true son-in-law in front of the Lord.
Her sweetness was only met by her bubble skills
Also in the pile everything went its usual course. Ser lance helps fast
With its well-known lance finishing manufactory so manchenm Sad knight
Become a powerful tournament unit
Johann von der vogelweide enjoys its fame as a nimble ester
Chastity Belt Breaker Sudostlothringens
And the Squire polished fleisig, the Armor of the captain, and much more
The captain himself always follows the motto For Met and Miezen
Worries of which he should have paid off some. Yes, and Eisi,
As always, he does not warp a Mine and serves the magical Lance
Unfortunately, the gang of Captain Feuerschwanz hanges The Curse of an ancient witch
After. Over the course of a year, they had to carry out six tasks that seemed almost indiscriminate
Master, to be drunk every day, to pair with 1000 women,
A horse to tame, 1000 kilos of radishes to eat, a Maid only by the
The Minne power to make a woman and all Schandmaul lyrics back to
Unfortunately, the reverse device of the form of foot-texts one fart from time to time to
But what I'm talking about, I think the Gaudi Knights are close already. Fire tail comes
And now for 800 years on Tour, The Defenders of the true Mets and the
True masters of the winds. Chords the donor and the young woman ashamed of, Minnefloter and
Heavy oats. They invite you to Met and dance. The Gaudi Knights of fire tail
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