Ich Will Tanzen translation of lyrics

Also known as Ich will tanzen lyrics.

English translation of Ich Will Tanzen by Feuerschwanz
1,2,3,4,5 Faesser Mead
It's not too late
A golden ray overgiest me
And one night voruberfliest
I take a maid at hand and she recognized it right away
With the fire tail spent the night, because he has made her happy today
A Stos ride through all your limbs
You track the rhythm again and again
The music betort, in the rushing beat
Is even the last mead versackt
Because I want to dance
I want to dance
Yes I want to dance
The lances rise to the sky
I want to dance
I want to dance
I want to dance
Come let's stand together today
The time she will pass in flight
I want to dance
I want to dance
1,2,3,4,5 Faesser Beer
Yes my ... i'll tell you
"What tastes good is also good for you"
Deep inside you the beast speaks
The night is young
The Maiden well
A hot flush
It's boiling ...
I look around and do not see right
Legs long
The breast real

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