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English translation of Teufelsgeschenk by Feuerschwanz
The devil made the booze
To spoil us
Hort just as the devil laughs
When we get drunk
But if we are already drunk
So only dries well
The sun is not rising for a long time
The night that will be even brighter:
The devil made the liquor - Shalalalala
Hort just like the devil laughs-Shalalala
The devil made the liquor - Shalalalala
To spoil us!
The devil has brewed the Met
To drive us to him
The Met You on the nut skin
The inhibition will lose
Then you start laughing loudly
And show all andre habits
The men in the face
The women to the two, three!
The Devil invented the mix drink
To betoren the women
To their chastity
To destroy the germs
Because they've thawed for the first time
Then all of the Damme break
And the lips are willing and soft
For the devil's lust, gehange
The devil made the wine
To learn the truth
Because if the wine makes you mood
You can't save anything
He is full of scorn
The truth of the distant stream
The devil has made the wine
To learn the truth
Lift up the glass and drink to me!
Because my soul is crying for beer!
And when you drink then
Let's sing it again!
And when you're wet again
Then you can hardly believe it
Was that yesterday really you
The sow let out?
The fog of obfuscation
He'll never lift himself
The next party will come!
You will experience it

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