Mordminnen translation of lyrics

English translation of Mordminnen by Finntroll
The killer he lived in a Croft
Lynnet mork as shackles of Raven
Butter and alone with murder in the mind
A menus Draps, he almost of the memory
Murder in memory
He guards, he scouts for his lambs
The spirit of hatred in him ascended
At the edge of the carriages, at the danger of paths
Full of slaughter, torstig sara
Under ovader but he sla now to
When everything is over, he wants to
Then he fangar mangens nara and kara
Their K snacks to the macaw, fortara!
His tools he plastered choice
With these he sticks ihjal
Dry, wrap, tear, tear
He knows his art, he grins
Murder in memory
His legs soon burn in the sea of fire
His punishment, he know, a Hottest grave
Where he is plagued underground
For their dad, for memories of murder
The murderer, he lived in a croft
His mentality dark as feathers of a crow
Dour and alone, with murder in his heart
A menus slaughterers, he enjoyed of the memory
Murder in mind
He guards, he spies on his lambs
The spirit of hatred grows in him
On the sides of roads, at the trenches of paths
Filled with massacre, thisrty to hurt
He strikes only during a storm
When everything is done, he will eat
There he catches the close and dear ones of many
Their flesh for the glory of the dark, devoured!
He cleaned his tools well
With them hangs them up
Dry, wind, tear, grate
He knows his tricks, he grins
Murder in mind
His leg shortly burns in the sea of flames
His penalty, he knows, the hottest tomb
There he is cursed under the ground
For his deeds, for memories of murder

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