Voices of the Dead translation of lyrics

Also known as all is said and done lyrics.

English translation of Voices of the Dead by Flobots
Followed higher orders that required slaughter
If it please the court or please the lord
Whats the procedure for the ouija board
Get me Vincent Harding
They said hes in the garden
Singing with the holy ghost
Squeezing our hands tight
'til all of us are fully woke
Crisis up ahead
(all is said and done)
Lift this up instead
(all is said and done)
Crisis up ahead
Lift this up instead
Voices of the dead
Voices of the dead
Rise above the threat
And lift this up instead
Voices of the dead
Voices of the dead
I put my hands up Not a seeking an escape
I put my hands up to better seize the day
Outstretched to carpe diem
Carpal tunnels
To mausoleums
Trying to write a way to the voices
Of my heroes
I was stronger when your hands were on my shoulders
Taught me to be a warrior before a soldier
You got me and thats why Ill push the boulder forward
Many hands light work
Thats why all of us are chosen
So stop drop and roll out
Stop frisked and hostile
When the police game is ving rhames
My contacts go ...
When I pocket dial
I ring wraiths
Black ops in the talent pools
Brothers dropping out like
Under funded high school
So less jails more doors
Why excel in failure
Losing ground every since four score
And hold the door
Stuck in a loop that predicts the final scene
But the very worst of them wont get the best of me With archery able arrow sight
Big voice from narrow mics
Knowing I am clothed in the feathers from a sparrows flight
Fearing no fahrenheit
Parallel or paralyzed
Building up a world where i can hear your voice as clear as mine
And where the rainbow stopped
Thats where they gained control
And left him hanging on a cross
And left her laying cold
Now everything we lost
And everything we stole
Awakens ancient gods
Who make our language whole
So let us sing the lettering
And let it ring no better thing
Visions of coretta king
Delivered life instead of dreams
And by and by the sky will cry
For all of us so let it rain
Let it stain the feet of those

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