Foreign Beggars
Jelly Fish translation of lyrics

English translation of Jelly Fish by Foreign Beggars
Used to shot bags, tags, Louis fat-none
Used to bag a couple by the bloomin' flash on
But nowadays Im chillin', droppin' bloomin' fat bombs
Slewin' mad songs, but makin' that my business
Spacin' out my chips, tryin' to triple up my shiznit
Tryin' to live the good life, been a couple of hits
But now Im goin' nuts, with these labels on my diznick
I aint even trippin', Im in my own time
Im in my element and definitely on my grind
Once wasnt enough I had to tell these pricks twice
Pissing on the games like its jelly fish bites so sinister
Spit it so cold still I finished her
Still first, to the finish, burst cynical
Turf any dizzy fucks, sissy suck miniature
City chuck, fill up on the shit from the village Urgh

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